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Obama Guest Editorial

About …”back to basics tomorrow.”

That is good Jack. But, like it or not, healthy or dysfunctional, recovering or not, we are not immune to the world and its daily grind. That is why it is sometimes good to do case studies, which I believe is what Obama Is No Friend of Israel has been.

It takes an alert and an informed mind (and a disciplined one) to keep both of our feet under us in these perilous and deceit-filled days. Life is not about feelings. It is about Truth. Some cannot handle the Truth. So, they must embrace, live with, and promulgate their feelings. Apparently that is all they have….and all they believe they need to have.



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Blessed is the man whose sin the LORD does not count against him and
in whose spirit is no deceit.
Psalm 32:2.

I am continually amazed at how candidates are positioned on issues by
their politically savvy staffs. Take Barack Obama’s position on Middle
Eastern issues for example.

The war in Iraq is going well and within inches of being
successful—finally. This should be a cause for celebration for Obama,
but it isn’t. It’s in his best interest for us to be losing. It’s what
his most loyal supporters want, and they expect him to cast victory
aside and produce defeat. That’s why Obama will not say the surge has
been successful. He can’t champion victory, and his staff will not
permit him to admit the obvious.

Could you imagine the World War II generation rooting for Hitler to
win?  Of course not, but that’s what we have today. Millions in our own
nation want us to fail. Actually, it’s more than that. They demand
failure, and their champion is Barack Obama. That’s how radical he
really is.

Because this is not popular with enough Americans to win the
presidency, his staff has also tried to modify his position slightly,
especially his kindred spirit with Muslims and his antipathy for Jews.
In his speeches, he is being positioned to deceive voters about who he
really is. Because he is charismatic and very articulate, millions
believe what he says instead of who he is. In politics, this is called
good positioning. In God’s Word, it’s called having a deceitful spirit,
which God will not bless.

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British officials gave a survey to eighteen hundred Muslim students in the UK. They discovered one-out-of-three believed killing in the name of Islam was justified. It also came to light that 40 percent wanted Islamic Law imposes in the UK. Could you see Princess Diana in a berka? Those who took this survey were shocked by the results.

What is really shocking is not the results of the survey but the surprise of those who took it. The encroachment of Islam is a serious problem in the UK, and it’s even a bigger one in France. In our lifetime, we could see the Cathedral of Notre Dame become a mosque. The French haven’t taken seriously what’s been happening until quite recently, and now it may be too late. The roots of Islam run deep in France—all because nobody was paying attention. It’s happening in the UK as well, where the Brits have also been asleep at the wheel.

The United States is next and, if we’re not mindful, we’ll elect a President that will welcome Muslims with open arms. Barack Obama’s “Christianity,” which he learned at the feet of a militant proponent of Black Liberation Theology, favors Muslims over Jews. At the same time, Jewish voters, who traditionally vote for democratic candidates, foolishly support Obama’s candidacy.

Unless the Jewish community wakes up, which is doubtful, they will hand the presidency to Obama. In swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania, the Jewish vote may well be the deciding factor, and Obama can’t win unless he carries at least one of these states—maybe both of them.

Isn’t it ironic? The Jewish community, whose naïveté rivals that of the French and British, may sow the seeds of destruction for America, as well as Israel.

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Barack Obama’s worldview, which was molded for twenty years by Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology, favors Islamic nations over Israel; and so will his presidency. Not since the failed Carter administration has there been a candidate who embraces Islamic causes so thoroughly. By comparison, Carter’s perspective looks benign.

Obama doesn’t realize that nations who favor Israel will be blessed by God and nations who don’t will not. Nearly 50 millions evangelicals in America believe this, all of whom should oppose Obama’s candidacy because of it.  The Jewish community should as well; but they don’t recognize Obama for who he is and will race like the lemming to potential destruction believing he has their best interest at heart.

Our alliance with Israel has been the cornerstone of American foreign policy in the Middle East for decades, but Obama will definitely take us in a different direction. He wants a world free of nuclear weapons and says so repeatedly, revealing an unacceptable naiveté about international politics and Man’s nature as well.

He gives a good speech and is very charismatic, which leads me to believe he will beat McCain, who doesn’t match up well with him. When this happens, Christians had better watch out, as should Jewish people.

Perhaps this may be a blessing in disguise. If God’s people humble themselves and repent of their wicked ways, God will heal our nation and restore us to greatness. The question is, will we?

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From Audacity of Hope: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” “Mohamed is my continuing source of inspiration.”


As I watch the news coverage of Barack Obama’s Middle East tour to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel, I’m amazed by what I see. Not only does the press fawn over him, but also it never gets to the heart of the issue—Barack’s worldview. Coming from a twenty-year experience of learning from the teachings of Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology, no one has asked hard questions about Obama’s core beliefs.

His campaign has positioned him as a champion of reconciliation, but his background—especially his association with Wright—would suggest otherwise. Black Liberation Theology has a decided anti-Semitic slant to it—one that Obama has embraced in his writings.

The foreign policy of the U.S.A. has Israel as a strategic partner. Not since the failed administration of Jimmy Carter has any president favored Arab nations over Israel. If Obama is our next president, which seems likely, our Middle Eastern policy may reverse, which certainly goes against the collective will of the American people and Israel’s as well.

More Tomorrow.

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Refer to STEP 11: I made a commitment to nurture my relationship with the Lord, asking Him to reveal His will to me and to provide me with the power to carry it out.

Wisdom—true wisdom, which comes from God, has a high price tag attached to it. If it didn’t, there would be more of it. The process for gaining this precious commodity is arduous and, for the most part, very time-consuming and difficult. Because we are a nation of people who demand instant gratification, there are fewer wise people in America than you would expect.

There’s no way for fruit to mature before its season. It’s the same with wisdom. It takes time, but not all older people possess it. You have to grow old but, in America, you don’t have to grow up. Multiplied millions never do. They’re just old.

It also takes difficult experiences, which force a person to trust the Lord, and God has no problem letting any of His children go through a world of pain, hardship, and despair to get to the other side. In fact, it’s standard operating procedure for Him. He does it all the time, and it can be difficult to endure. In the short run, He may seem cruel and unfeeling but, when seen from His perspective, which is eternal, it’s absolutely necessary. It builds character, or at least it can. If He required hardship from His only begotten Son, why would He require anything less of you and me?

The answer is: He wouldn’t. So when adversity comes, and it will, know that God is using every aspect of it for your benefit, for your refinement, and for your good. Without it, you’ll never become the valuable person the Father wants you to be—never.

If you’re in the midst of difficulty, stop whining about your plight and allow God to refine you all He wants. When it’s over, you’ll be a stronger man or woman than you ever dreamed possible—rich in Christ-like qualities like love, joy, and kindness. But above all, you will be wise.

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Refer to STEP 11: I made a commitment to nurture my relationship with the Lord, asking Him to reveal His will to me and to provide me with the power to carry it out.

One of the foundational beliefs of Christianity is that the nature on Mankind is sinful and separated from God. Without Christ dying for Man’s sins, we couldn’t be reconciled to God—period. Without Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection, we would be lost forever—hopelessly lost. This is a fundamental belief of Christianity.

At the same time, Christians seem to have a profound naïveté about life. They’re routinely surprised when sinful people act sinfully. Liberals, by way of comparison, believe Man’s nature is good, but they are rarely surprised when people act sinfully. Nor are they condemning. They accept people the way they are—warts and all.

As a believer, I know there is nothing good in me—in my fallen nature. But I also know that when the Lord came into my life, He imparted His nature to me—full of love, mercy, kindness, and compassion. That means I can rise above my base state and be more than I could ever have been without Him. This is true for everybody else as well but, if I don’t make a conscious effort to be mindful of this, I can become harsh and judgmental rather than merciful and kind.

This is where Christians stumble all the time. They drive desperate people, caught up in sinful lifestyles, away, refusing to give them the same mercy they required a few years earlier. They embrace pride rather than humility, judgment rather than mercy, and rejection rather than acceptance. They cease to be like the Lord, who loved sinful people.

If we are ever to be all that we are capable of being, we must renew our minds and act like the Lord where sinful people are concerned. Witnessing to people you don’t love doesn’t work. In fact, it’s counter- productive and comes off with a holier-than-thou attitude sinners reject contemptuously. It’s why they say the church is full of hypocrites, which is true. If we’re ever to be who Christ intended us to be, this has to change, starting with you and me.

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