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As times become more difficult, Christians are abdicating their responsibility to be “salt and light” more than ever. Believing that the Rapture is imminent, in a twisted way, born again Christians actually welcome the deterioration of the society. They think it will hasten the Lord’s return. In a perverse sense, faithlessness—in the form of apathy—actually becomes a badge of honor as Christians by the millions look for signs of the times rather than standing against the encroachment of evil.

What if the prognostications are wrong? What if the Lord doesn’t come for another millennium? What will the epitath be for our generation?

Like many generations before us, we will be counted as faithless—lukewarm, to be spewed form His mouth.

Now is the time to stand and be counted, and it’s definitely not the time to be consumed with biblical prophecy. We may want a Cosmic bailout in the form of a Rapture, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Nearly every generation is sure it will be the last. It’s a generational narcissism Christians love to embrace, but it “ain’t necessarily so.”

Wouldn’t it be better to fight the good fight—to stand firm regardless of the consequences? Is there any merit in doing anything less? Is apostasy ever a good strategy?

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