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As Your loving children, we come before You today,
With our knees bent and our hearts filled with praise,
As we witness Your orchestration of events that have
Precipitated the demise of the proud and the self-important.
For decades, the Hollywood elite have mocked Your name,
Your children, and Your righteous way—all to enhance their fame,
Their fortune, and their insatiable exploitation of the innocent.
Oh how we loathe their self-serving feigned altruism
And their noblesse oblige that masquerades their intentions.
Pretending to be altruistic, they have used their power wantonly
To fondle, to coerce, and to exploit those who are vulnerable.
In their arrogance and in their haughtiness, they have believed
Their corruption and dissipation have been beyond reproach.
They have feared no one, Father, not even You.
But now, their world is shattering, crumbling before their eyes,
As they watch the actions of their peers being scrutinized
In ways they never dreamed possible—not for the entitled.
Like Sodom and Gomorrah, they have mocked You, Your ways,
And everything that is moral, but now their fate is sealed.
They are going to pay a terrible price, as their evil deeds
Continue to be exposed for the entire world to witness.
The price they will pay is just—one they richly deserve,
And we have You to thank for it, for shining the light of day
On the darkness these evil miscreants have loved so much.
We ask that You continue to expose them, Amen
Jack Watts

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