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As we begin a new year in America, it is time
For us to take a good hard look at ourselves—
An assessment that is real, honest, and true about
Who we really are and how strong our commitment is
To seek Your leadership about moving forward.
Will we have the courage to stand strong for You,
For Your Truth, for Your Justice, and for Your ways,
Or will we simply be another nameless, faceless
“Me Too” generation that embraces the ways
Of the Laodiceans that were neither hot nor cold?
As we discover more about the corruption that engulfs us,
We ask where are Your mighty men—Your men of old,
Those whose only desire was to serve from a willing heart—
Never for sordid gain or to exploit the helpless and weak.
Why are men like these missing from our public life?
Where are the virtuous women—the women of integrity—
Those who would rather die than be dishonorable?
Why do we have to settle for representation that can do
Nothing more than lead by being self-serving and shady?
Why do we have to settle for miscreants who seek
Wisdom from polls, rather than from Your Word?
Father, we admit and acknowledge to You today
That we have been remiss in our duty as citizens.
We have deferred and allowed scoundrels to lead us,
Instead of insisting upon leadership that is impeccable.
There are many honest men and women in America—
Those who champion Your Name and Your precepts.
Their numbers are legion, but we need Your Holy Spirit
To put it in their hearts to come forward and uphold all
That is right, just, and true about our great nation.
This is why we come before You today. On bended knee,
On behalf of the great nation we love, honor, and cherish,
We ask that You raise up a new generation of righteous leaders.
Our goal is to remain a “City on a Hill” for the world to see
And to emulate, but we can never remain the home of the free
And the land of the brave, simply by having good leaders.
It is also up to us—Your people, those who are called
By Your Name to be strong, active, and courageous. As we
Begin a New Year, let me be one of those who remains
Faithful and true to You, regardless of what it costs.
This is what I want for my life and why I make a commitment
To You today, to be loyal, trustworthy, and devoted to You
And to my country that I love so much,

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PRAYER: Being Free from Bondage

MY PRAYER: Father,
You’ve brought my soul out of bondage—
Out of the shackles of my
Self-defeating alcoholism for a purpose,
Which is beyond my capacity to fathom.
In the blindness of my pain and distress,
Which has consumed my days and nights,
I have implored You relentlessly,
Insisting that You ease my pain
And grant me the desires of my heart.
Regardless of my repeated complaints,
Which I have audaciously called prayers,
You have never relented—not even a little.
You have never honored my demands
Nor allowed me to have my own way,
Despite my fervent insistence that You do.
Unmoved, You have just gone about the task
Of transforming my heart from the inside out,
Changing me at the core of my being,
Making me a far better version of myself
Than I have ever been or even dreamed of being.
Now, as my distress and angst abate,
And my painful sorrows have relinquished,
For the first time I can look back, reflect,
And be thankful that You understand me
Better than I have understood myself.
Your plan for me is better than what I have desired.
As I come to fathom all that You have done,
I marvel at the changes You have orchestrated.
You have strengthened me, made me whole,
And made me grateful for all that has transpired.
Having no idea what the future holds or You have in store,
I give You permission to finish the work You have begun.
Let my petty, whining nature become a distant memory—
A remote recollection of my childish past—
As I seek Your will rather than dictating to You my own,

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The Shaming of Christian Values

SALT & LIGHT VI: In America, until quite recently, the repudiation of Christianity has been more subtle. In today’s world, it has become unacceptable to have a literal belief in what God has declared to be true in the Scriptures. To do so is to admit you are an ignorant, anachronistic, uninformed, and unscientific person.
To maintain biblical beliefs as being real and legitimate invites contempt and ridicule, especially from the Progressive Left. Their castigation can be very intimidating and quite unpleasant. By being consistently mocked, Christians have become marginalized in our society. Because our worldview contradicts what is proclaimed by the cultural values of nearly every person in the media, academic world, and the entertainment industry, we have been deemed to be deplorable and irredeemable.
According to this generation’s Progressive viewpoint, God, if He really does exist, is in everything and everybody. All avenues lead to Him, regardless of what they might be. He is universally accepting of everybody, whether you believe in Him or not.
Regardless of what you believe or what you do, it is irrelevant, according to Progressives. Although many question the existence of God, some others have redefined God to be whatever you want him or her to be.
Being tolerant of what others believe is the central tenet of America’s cultural religion, coupled with militantly believing in climate change. The only mortal sin for a Progressive is to accept and maintain a Christian belief system. To Progressives, our perspective is intolerable. To believe in God’s truth, as revealed in the Scriptures, is considered to be uninformed and out of touch with reality. It’s as simple as that, and because of our ignorance, we deserve the castigation we receive for adhering to such nonsense.
Jack Watts
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Our Gracious God and Loving Heavenly Father,
For simply wanting to do the right thing for America,
Christians across our land have been ridiculed, belittled,
Scolded, and held in continuous contempt by those who
Hold themselves above us. In the haughtiness of
Their arrogance, they are devoid of a moral compass
or of a sense of right and wrong. Nevertheless, in the loftiness
Of their self-deception, they consider themselves to be
Morally superior, but they are not. They are the exact opposite.
Instead of being allowed to enjoy the Christmas season,
In the peace and tranquility we want and deserve,
Because of the perverted purposes of Progressivism,
We are held in contempt for worshiping You, Your Son,
And for simply believing in the values that we have cherished.
These are the values that have made us the envy of the world,
Regardless of how the Progressives have revised our history
To make us appear to be people we have never been.

In their hearts, the Progressives loathe our nation passionately.
In their hatred for You, Father, they have refused to give You
The honor and respect You deserve for making our nation
The greatest land on earth. Instead, they teach our youth
That it is dishonorable to be an Americans or to celebrate
All that we have achieved since the days of the Puritans.
In spite of all they say and do to silence the vast multitude
Of Americans who love You and champion Your righteousness,
We know who we are, and we keenly aware that every aspect
Of our nation’s greatness comes from the bounty that
You have given us to prosper for multiplied generations.
Because we know this and have no doubt that we owe
Every blessing we have to You, we want to acknowledge
Our gratitude to You this day, as we honor the birth
Of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who is our blessed Redeemer,

—Jack Watts​

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SALT & LIGHT: The bad news is all of us have been deceived at one level or another. I certainly was for many years. Like so many others, I didn’t realize it. The good news is we don’t have to continue living this way. There is a solution. It’s available for each of us, but we must work to obtain it.
This is the lesson I had to learn. It’s what I want to pass on to you. To be who Almighty God created you to be, you must learn how to think correctly. There is no alternative to this, and no circumventing it. The issue cannot be skirted. To abide in God’s will, you must to be able to discern what it is. If your thinking is erroneous, then there is no way you can accurately understand the will of God. Although this should be obvious to everyone, people miss it routinely. I certainly did.
But remember, we have not been abandoned to grope about aimlessly and cluelessly. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and of sound judgment.” Because of who we are in Christ, and because of the Spirit that indwells us, we are tasked with the responsibility of being wise and of having sound judgment. This begins with correct thinking.
Unfortunately, there are millions of believers who do not know how to do this. If they did, they wouldn’t be deceived. Each of us knows Christians who “just don’t get it.” For them, this not only affects their personal walk with the Lord, but also how they function in our society.
To be an effective witness, which is measured by how we live our lives and not by the religious rhetoric we proclaim to be true, we must have our personal belief system operating congruently with the Holy Spirit. There is no other way to be fruitful—not with positive fruit anyway.
Simply saying something is true, without living it, creates a meaningless existence. Plus, it comes across as being hypocritical and disingenuous. There’s a good reason for this; it is being hypocritical and disingenuous. This is the specific reason why so many non-believers find Christianity unattractive.
Each of us has a role to play. For you to be the person you want to be tomorrow, you must change your thinking today. If you change your thinking—your view of reality—your actions will follow. This certainly has been my experience, and I can tell you that you will enjoy your life much more than you currently do.
It’s not the other way around. By and large, most of what Christians are being taught is backwards. The focus is on behavior, not on correct thinking. This is why the fruit of most sermons is actually counterproductive.
For real change to occur, our perception of reality is what must be transformed. If this happens, then our behaviors will follow. In your heart, I hope you realize this is true. My hope is that you are stirred by this and do not take what I am writing as being judgmental. That’s the last thing I want it to be. I want it to be liberating for you.
Jack Watts

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MY PRAYER for Simplicity

MY PRAYER: Father,
As I observe those who call upon Your name
To fulfill their trivial, meaningless desires—
Those who are always craving and never satisfied,
Those who constantly demand more from You—
Like ravenous, all consuming gluttons—
I’m amazed at how little they understand
Either Your nature or Your purposes for them.
Mellifluously, they say, “Praise the Lord,”
In a voice that quavers with calculated sanctimony,
But in their self-serving hearts, they do not seek You.
Instead, they seek a way to take advantage of others—
To manipulate the innocent to achieve nefarious goals,
Which they cloak in a shroud of religious altruism.
Winning at the expense of those who must lose,
They smile greedily, having successfully conned their prey.
As I watch and listen, I still remember a time,
When I was young, naïve, and easily fooled—
When I was unable to discern their deceptive intentions.
But that was then, and things have changed.
When I observe them now, I recognize how devious,
Self-absorbed, and cunning they really are.
In their hearts, they harbor pretense and treachery,
While craftily displaying a facade of humility.
When I was innocence and naive, I knew no better.
Trusting by nature, I believed they had been sent by You,
Which meant they had my best interests at heart.
As I reflect upon their actions decades later,
Having weathered their malice and treachery,
I see the fruitlessness of their scheming.
Now, when I look for them, they cannot be found.
While I smile at the future, regardless of what it holds,
I have learned that coming to You in complete honesty
Is the only path that will lead to a life of lasting fulfillment,

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MY PRAYER—Fearfulness

MY PRAYER: Father,
Sometimes I’m so afraid
That my skin grows cold
And I can hardly breathe.
I feel so helpless and all alone.
I’m afraid of so many things—
Of people, of places, of isolation,
Of death, and of economic insecurity.
The list seems endless, and I am powerless
To calm the fears that rob me of my serenity.
Without Your protective shielding,
I fear that imminent devastation
Will be my destiny, crushing me completely.
I am so consumed with fear that I cannot hear
Your calming reassurance.
In my heart, I know You are my immovable refuge.
My only hope is to rely on You completely.
In You, I am safe and sheltered from the storm
That threatens to destroy my future.
Help me to be calm, confident, and serene,
Regardless of my perplexing situation.
Help me to stand firm and never shrink away,
Regardless of the uncertainties that lay ahead.
Help me dwell in the safety of Your strength.
Guide me and protect me each day of my life,
For as many days that are left—one day at a time,

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—I will walk with the Lord, bowing my knee to Him and to no one else.
—I will seek the Lord daily and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
—I will stand strong for the traditional American values of our forefathers.
—I will not submit to the intimidation of those who despise Christian values.
—I will be loving and kind to all, regardless of what differences we may have.

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First-Baptist-Church-Sutherland-Springs-TX-e1509913332415-810x710OUR GRACIOUS GOD AND LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER:
Today, we give praise and bless Your Holy Name.
Despite the evil intentions of the godless,
You have thwarted their will in favor of righteousness.
As Your faithful children, we willingly bow our knees
And thank You for exalting Israel and allowing
The Holy City to be recognized what it really is—
The ancestral Capitol of Your Chosen People.
As Christians, who desire nothing other than Your Will,
We see Your Hand moving throughout the world,
As the earth groans for Your redemptive promise.
But Father, there are so many who love the darkness
And loathe the light. Despite this, You are Almighty, and they are not.
Thank You for being faithful to Your promises.
We are grateful that You have allowed us to have
A small part in Your eternal purpose, and we bless
Your Holy Name for considering us worthy to stand
Solidly behind Israel, and behind Our President,
As he championed Israel before the world, with America
Proclaiming its unshakable support for our great ally.
Let those who despise Your Name chafe and gnash
Their teeth in open contempt. We do not care,
Nor will we be moved by their malice—not today,
Not tomorrow, and not ever. Instead, we choose to stand
With You. We also choose to remain true to our calling—
Not just today but tomorrow, and forevermore,
Jack Watts

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PRAYER: Lord, Guide My Steps




MY PRAYER: Father,

You are the Master Architect,

Engineering the events of my life,

Providing an opportunity for me

To rise to the occasion each day of my life.

At times, Your leading seems clear,

While at other times, it seems obscure,

Appearing to be so distant

That I cannot discover or discern it,

Regardless of how hard I try.

Even when Your presence eludes me,

I know that You are there.

You are always guiding me—

Always present, always vigilant.


As my life becomes increasingly visible

And people occasionally look to me for guidance,

Let my life speak of what You have done—

Not by my words, which seem so inadequate,

But by my actions, which are observable by all.

Oh, how I loathe the pompously religious—

Those who are condescending, arrogant, and unyielding.

May I never be like them—like those who talk about

Your love and guidance, while seeking an advantage.

Let my witness be evident by my actions,

And not by my mellifluous words,

Which can be self-serving and serpentine,


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