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Finding Freedom from Bondage

SALT & LIGHT: The goal of Salt & Light is to aid you in finding freedom from the bondage that has held you captive for so long. Helping to facilitate this has been my primary purpose for writing the book. Clearly, this is something God desires for your life, and it’s the path to a fruitful life.
For this to become a reality, you must accept God’s Word as reality. There is no alternative. This can be accomplished by freeing your thoughts from the strongholds of deception you have embraced as unquestioned truth. These deceptions have kept you from experiencing the abundant life Christ has made available for you. Once you have divested yourself of these lies, which can be accomplished over time, your actions and emotions will follow suite.
Some things will change more quickly than others, but your entire outlook on life can eventually be transformed, freeing you from the shackles that have held you captive—freeing you from by the strongholds that have ensured your life remains unfulfilled.
This can happen, but the only way for it to be possible is for you to accept God’s reality as your own—not just parts of it—all of it. This is how the Holy Spirit brings your thoughts into captivity to the Mind of Christ. If you want to be the man or woman God created you to be, if you want to enjoy the abundant life that awaits you, this is the way to achieve your goals.
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When you are led into an impossible situation, take heart. Impossible situations are very consistent with God’s leading. They provide each of us with an opportunity to choose His way, which is to cease from our striving and to enter His rest.
The valley of despair is where you learn to trust God. It’s the place where your faith and confidence are strengthened, and it’s also the place where you develop the estimable character qualities you desire but have proven to be so elusive.
When you choose an alternative course, other than entering into God’s rest, you may get through your difficulty. You may even have a measure of success doing so, but on the inside, where it really counts, you haven’t grown. Neither has your ability to become the person God created you to be.
You may even express thankfulness to God for having been there for you, but in your heart, you know this really isn’t what happened. What you probably don’t realize is that having failed to learn your lesson, you have doomed yourself to repeat it.
One day you will look around and realize you have spent decades wandering in the desert, aimlessly and fruitlessly. Your life will have been spent simply getting through one crisis after another, one day at a time, never becoming the person you are capable of being. And it’s all because you chose to disregard God by being willful, rather than learning to rest in the power of His might.
This isn’t what you want for your life, is it? Even the most self-willed believer wants more than this.
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SALT & LIGHT: Many of the convictions we cherish about life are simply not true. They are deceptions and destructive convictions that keep us from viewing the world as God sees it. We need to understand that what God has disclosed in His Word is what establishes reality—nothing else.
Anything that varies from His perspective misses the mark. So, when our beliefs differ from God’s disclosed truth, this constitutes a deceptive stronghold in our life, and it means we are embracing falsehood rather than developing the mind of Christ. If just reading this is difficult for you, you’ll know you have a stronghold that needs work.
Most of our strongholds originate from the Father of Lies. We’ve learned that it is Satan’s purpose to keep Christians enmeshed in their deceptive strongholds, which effectively prevents them from living a fulfilled life. In our generation, the Devil has been more successful at achieving his goal than he has been in numerous preceding generations. We just seem to embrace lies more readily than those who have lived before us. Perhaps it’s because we have turned a blind eye to the encroaching pantheism that has come to dominate the Progressive thinking in our culture.
To make matters worse, nearly all of our efforts to serve the Lord have been close to futile, primarily because we have been striving to please Him in the power of our own might. Doing so may produce some positive results, but it never produces the fruit of God’s Spirit.
For the fruit of the Spirit to be present, the work has to be done by the Holy Spirit and not by us. Although this should be obvious, Christians seem to miss this simple truth repeatedly. Instead of entering God’s rest, they strive to produce divine fruit in the power of the flesh, which is a poor strategy and completely ineffective.
—Jack Watts
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MY PRAYER: Father,
Understanding Your leading is not always difficult.
You are crystal clear about so many things—
About honesty, fidelity, and caring for others.
With these, it is impossible to misunderstand Your will,
But most of life isn’t this simple—
Nor is Your will that easy to discern.
It is not always crystal clear—
Not black and white—which I wish it would be.
Instead, it is varying hues of gray, making choices perplexing.
It seems like I am never clear about Your leading,
And yet You expect me to follow You blindly,
Putting my trust in You without reservation.
As I try to discern Your purpose, I have been forced
To step out in faith and be bold many times,
Without any idea of what the future might hold,
Or of what the results of my actions would be.
Nothing ever seems to end the way I think it should,
Or the way I thought it would, forcing me to wonder
If I have understood You accurately. Instead, I wonder
If have I done nothing more than project my desires,
Calling them Your will, when they really were not.
As I walk by faith, I rarely receive the answers I expect,
Which You could easily disclose but never seem to do.
I look at my situation, demanding to know the outcome,
While You already knowing what that will be.
Your ways are beyond my capacity to discern.
As others view my life, scornfully mocking,
Delighting at what seems like my certain failure,
I can count on the assurance of Your guidance.
You know what You have planned for my life.
No matter how contemptuously others view my plight,
From the depth of my soul, Your voice
Reassures me that You are in charge.
You are God Almighty, and I am not.
As I acquiesce, my soul is quieted, and I become still.
When I obediently release the outcome to You,
I accept that I may look foolish to many,
Especially on the outside; but on the inside—
Where it really counts, I’m becoming incredibly strong
In ways that are destined to have value for me and for others,

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MY PRAYER: Father,

I know You want me to trust You completely,

And I do—at least, some of the time.

Because of the things that have wounded me so deeply,

Coupled with of my struggles with feeling worthless,

I labor to believe that You really love me—

That You accept me just the way I am,

Regardless of how wayward I have behaved.

I don’t understand how You could or why You would.

Perhaps this is why I whine and remain timid,

Even though Your desire for me is to be

Strong, confident, and self-assured, which I am not.

I desire inner strength, but this is rarely an option.


Father, how could You love someone like me?

I simply cannot comprehend this; it is beyond me.

Such love surpasses my ability to grasp or fathom.

Your word says You love me despite everything,

Even when my self-defeating behavior

Has dominated over me for so long.

As I recognize how faithful You are,

My trust increases and becomes firmer,

But it still isn’t where it needs to be—not really.

I pretend to be strong—to be supremely confident,

But I’m not nearly the person on the inside

That I appear to be on the outside.

I confidently profess to be what I am not—

To be far more certain than I really am.

I even try to fool myself,

But You know each of my frailties,

Which I attempt to mask and conceal from others.

I don’t know why You care about me so much,

When I don’t even seem to care about myself.

This is a mystery I doubt I will never grasp,

But I am humbly grateful to You that You do.

In my quiet moments, which I attempt to avoid,

I try to comprehend such love, but I cannot.

All I can do is accept that it is true, and I do,


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Getting into Shape Spiritually

SALT & LIGHT: There is no way to reach our goal without doing the painstaking work necessary to get there. If this seems like a daunting task, you’re right. It is. Getting in shape requires consistent, strenuous effort, performed routinely over time. Wishful thinking will not get you into shape. Hard work will. It’s the same with getting into shape spiritually. Being slipshod will not work. We must be as diligent about this as we are about anything else we want in life.
Before we direct ourselves to the specifics about how to accomplish our goal, make a determination to be courageous. It’s important to remember that God wants you to be free from your debilitating thoughts and strongholds more than you do. This should be a comforting thought.
Jack Watts

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Take Almighty God at His Word

SALT & LIGHT: Denial has a serious negative impact on us—one which we rarely consider. Sometimes, we don’t think about it at all. Denial of God’s reality darkens our understanding, while simultaneously hardening our hearts. This is something no Christian wants or expects, but this is definitely what happens.
This also does disservice to our non-Christian friends. It deprives them of the opportunity to know the truth. Thinking we are sparing them by being nice, we actually champion their darkness by refusing to point them to the light.
Mitigating God’s truth to be politically correct may make us popular, based on conforming to the pantheism of American Progressive values, but that’s all it does. Tragically, we have come to apologize for God’s truth about nearly every social issue that confronts Christians in the twenty-first century.
As bad as this problem is, there is one that is just as bad. It’s legalism. A large number of Christians confront false beliefs in the power of their own strength, making needless enemies out of many in the process. They either forget or don’t care that truth delivered without love is abusive.
When we stand for what God says, but do so in the power of our flesh, we do not produce the fruit the Holy Spirit intends. Instead, we generate hard-hearted enmity. This may show strength of character, but it produces bitterness and antagonism among those who are the recipients of our harangues. There is nothing attractive about a person like this. Hard-hearted legalism is never God’s will. Nevertheless, more people are apologetic about their Christian beliefs than legalistic.
Not taking God at His word is our greatest problem. It’s important to realize that refusing to take God’s truth literally will darken your understanding and make discerning His will far more problematic. Additionally, denying God’s truth repeatedly will eventually result in you developing a hard heart.
Jack Watts
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