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MY PRAYER: Father,
I want to control the outcome
Of events that impact my life.
You know that the desire of my heart
Is for You to orchestrate circumstances
That would allow me to have my own way.
I pretend to be nobler than this, but I am not.
When things don’t go the way I want—
The way I think they should be—
Which seems to occur far too often,
I become sulky, peevish, and petulant.
I resent that You don’t conform Your will to mine,
Even though my desires are often unwise.
When I behave like a child, I think like one as well,
But I don’t realize how juvenile I have become.
This never occurs to me until my fretful emotions
Have run the gambit and I am spent—
Exhausting myself emotionally from dictating to You.
When I become worn out from all of the stress,
Like always, I become humble and contrite,
Acknowledging that You are God, and I am not.
Forgive me for my waywardness and my willfulness.
Restore a sense of humility and balance to me.
Teach me to focus exclusively on my role,
Which is simply to do the next right thing,
Regardless of what that might be,
Rather than being fretful about the things
I cannot control, which are Your exclusive domain,

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MY PRAYER: Father,
Understanding Your leading is not always difficult.
You are crystal clear about so many things—
About honesty, fidelity, and caring for others.
With these, it is impossible to misunderstand Your will,
But most of life isn’t this simple—
Nor is Your will that easy to discern.
It is not always crystal clear—
Not black and white—which I wish it would be.
Instead, it is varying hues of gray, making choices perplexing.
It seems like I am never clear about Your leading,
And yet You expect me to follow You blindly,
Putting my trust in You without reservation.
As I try to discern Your purpose, I have been forced
To step out in faith and be bold many times,
Without any idea of what the future might hold,
Or of what the results of my actions would be.
Nothing ever seems to end the way I think it should,
Or the way I thought it would, forcing me to wonder
If I have understood You accurately. Instead, I wonder
If have I done nothing more than project my desires,
Calling them Your will, when they really were not.
As I walk by faith, I rarely receive the answers I expect,
Which You could easily disclose but never seem to do.
I look at my situation, demanding to know the outcome,
While You already knowing what that will be.

Your ways are beyond my capacity to discern.
As others view my life, scornfully mocking,
Delighting at what seems like my certain failure,
I can count on the assurance of Your guidance.
You know what You have planned for my life.
No matter how contemptuously others view my plight,
From the depth of my soul, Your voice
Reassures me that You are in charge.
You are God Almighty, and I am not.
As I acquiesce, my soul is quieted, and I become still.
When I obediently release the outcome to You,
I accept that I may look foolish to many,
Especially on the outside; but on the inside—
Where it really counts, I’m becoming incredibly strong
In ways that are destined to have value for me and for others,

Jack’s Prayers: http://mcgeeandme.net/books/real-prayers-for-real-people-with-real-problems

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MY PRAYER: Father,
I know You want me to trust You completely,
And I do—at least, some of the time.
Because of the things that have wounded me so deeply,
Coupled with of my struggles with feeling worthless,
I labor to believe that You really love me—
That You accept me just the way I am,
Regardless of how wayward I have behaved.
I don’t understand how You could or why You would.
Perhaps this is why I whine and remain timid,
Even though Your desire for me is to be
Strong, confident, and self-assured, which I am not.
I desire inner strength, but this is rarely an option.
Father, how could You love someone like me?
I simply cannot comprehend this; it is beyond me.
Such love surpasses my ability to grasp or fathom.
Your word says You love me despite everything,
Even when my self-defeating behavior
Has dominated over me for so long.
As I recognize how faithful You are,
My trust increases and becomes firmer,
But it still isn’t where it needs to be—not really.
I pretend to be strong—to be supremely confident,
But I’m not nearly the person on the inside
That I appear to be on the outside.
I confidently profess to be what I am not—
To be far more certain than I really am.
I even try to fool myself,
But You know each of my frailties,
Which I attempt to mask and conceal from others.
I don’t know why You care about me so much,
When I don’t even seem to care about myself.
This is a mystery I doubt I will never grasp,
But I am humbly grateful to You that You do.
In my quiet moments, which I attempt to avoid,
I try to comprehend such love, but I cannot.
All I can do is accept that it is true, and I do,

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PRAYER of Repentance




MY PRAYER: Father,
Now that I’ve opened myself up completely,
Being as honest and transparent as I know how to be,
Having also admitted my faults to another,
I ask that You heal my pain completely.
Change anything in me that You desire.
You are Almighty God; and I am not.
I know how powerless I am to control
What will happen in my future.
Father, I am weary of walking a path
That has not been ordained by You.
To complete the process of purging my life
From all that remains toxic to my soul,
I recognize there is one final step I need to take.

I need to forgive those who have hurt me—
Totally, completely, irreversibly, and forever.

Just as You have forgiven me—I forgive them.
I release them—just as I have been released.
I have churned anger and bitterness in my soul
For far too long, paying a heavy price
For maintaining my grudges and refusing to forgive.
Foolishly, I have believed I was chastising
My abusers, by spitefully withholding my pardon,
But the only person I have punished is me.
I realize this and no longer desire bitterness to nurture my malice.
Give me the strength to lay aside my anger and my acrimony.
Allow me to walk into the future unencumbered
By the debilitating shackles that have enslaved me for so long,

Jack’s Prayers: mcgeeandme.net/books

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