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Heavenly Father,
As an indebted nation, we come before You
On this Memorial Day weekend, to honor those
Who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to remain free.
We want to express our gratitude in a reverent way
That doesn’t seem trite or without proper deference.
Despite our desire, there are no words that are adequate—
No expression of appreciation that equals what
These mighty men of valor have done for us,
Since our nation’s inception in the eighteenth century,
But we understand it is our duty and our privilege to try.
Therefore, with profound respect and a full heart,
Along with misty eyes, we bow our heads in reverence
And thank You for raising up so many warriors over the years—
From the time of the Revolution to our destructive Civil War,
From the two World Wars to the Middle Eastern conflicts.
Let our warrior’s sacrifice be a perpetual reminder,
Etched indelibly in our hearts, that the price of freedom
Will always remain high in our dark, depraved, and fallen world.
From the beginning, You put it into the hearts of our forefathers
For America to be a “City on a Hill” for the entire world to emulate.
So, let us pause on this special weekend when summer begins
To remember those who died, that we, the living, might continue
To answer the perpetual call to fight for freedom and righteousness
For the American people. In Your graciousness, Father,
You have allowed our generation to remain free and prosperous,
And we thank You for each of our numerous blessings.
We owe every bit of the abundance we enjoy to You and to those
Who gave their lives that we might continue to champion
Our forefather’s vision for what America’s future would be.
Thank You for Your continued blessings upon our great nation.
As we reflect upon the sacrifice of others, let us never forget
Everything that has been required to make the United States
The greatest nation in the history of the world,
Jack Watts

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MY PRAYER: Father,

As I thoughtfully look about,

Appraising my circumstances,

Which are not what I desired—

Not at all what I had planned—

I don’t understand where You are leading,

Nor do I understand why I must travel

This difficult path in isolation—in solitude.

I wanted my life to be so different—

To be easier and more carefree—

But this has not been my experience.

As I see the smiling faces of others—

Those who talk about You as if

They know You intimately but are shallow—

I wonder why their lives appear to be

Free from disappointment and conflict,

While mine has been so stressful and taxing.


I wonder if I will ever experience joy again?

Father, tell me, when will Your pruning hand

Be finished with my character transformation?

When will I awaken from the darkness of despair,

To a bright, sunny day, filled with hope and promise—

Free from sorrow—free from loss and pain?

When will You strengthen me in a mighty way?

When will You say to my enemies,

“This is my child—my beloved offspring—

Whom I have fortified and established.

Let all who criticize know that it is I—

The great ‘I Am’ who has done this work in him.”


Father, I know You are in charge—

That You have numbered my days—

And my future is in Your hands.

It is within Your power to change everything—

To allow my life to have more meaning than it has.

Please finish Your redemptive pruning quickly,

So that I can withstand this swirling wind,

Along with its foreboding and menacing clouds,


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MY PRAYER: Father,
Sometimes, life can be so complicated.
Doing the right thing seems easy enough,
Until it comes time to do it,
When the dread of adverse consequences
Becomes an overwhelming apprehension.
My heart yearns for life to become easier,
But this certainly has not been my experience.
What makes me so special that my journey
Has to be filled with so many difficult impediments?
Why can’t things go smoothly—just for a while?
Why me, Lord? Why me? Why? Why? Why?
I don’t want to sound like I’m whining,
But I know I am. I’m complaining because
My shoes are too tight, while many go barefoot.
I know I should be more grateful, patient, and accepting,
But I want a respite from my numerous travails.
I want despair and sorrow to be removed far from me.
The “Be warmed and be filled” crowd of Christians
Smile and offer meaningless, glib platitudes,
While I nurse wounds that I fear will destroy me.
I want to serve You with gladness and joy,
But I have no sense of hope within me—
Nothing that can sustain me for more
Than a few fleeting moments at a time.
I do not want to be a disingenuous automaton,
Pretending everything is lovely and joyous,
When I know so many things are dreadfully wrong.
My days, which are numbered by You,
Are passing before me, and it all seems
Like such a terrible, meaningless waste.
Intervene, Lord, and allow me to know
Joy and gladness once again.
Fill my days with peace and purpose,
So that I can tell other of Your fidelity,
And be completely honest doing so.
Don’t leave me in this dismal, pitiful situation,
Lest my sorrows become overwhelming and destroy me,

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PRAYER: Serving Others




MY PRAYER: Father,

Allow me to serve others

With gladness—Never keeping score,

Always giving, never expecting to receive.

Allow me to give of myself,

Give of my talents and of my goods,

Give of my time and of my energy,

Give of my heart and of my soul.

Help me understand the needs of others,

Never criticizing,

Never demeaning,

Never scolding,

Never condemning.


You have been so gracious to me,

Always Loving,

Always forgiving,

Always restoring—

While never chastising me for my waywardness,

Even though I have been wrong

More times than I can remember.

Father, keep a critical spirit far from

My heart and further from my lips.

Allow me to serve others with gladness,

With compassion and tenderness,

Never diminishing their value as my price for caring.

Let me extend mercy to the brokenhearted,

Just as You have done so often for me,


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Father, Lord God Almighty:
We come before You today on bended knee,
Because our hearts are troubled and sorrowful.
We are apprehensive about our nation’s future.
In Your goodness to us, during the last election,
As our nation was about to go over the cliff,
You spared us from certain destruction,
By foiling the ambitions of the Progressive elites—
Those who desire to remove You from the public arena.
Hearing our prayers, which were offered by so many,
You honored our plea by stopping the cold-hearted schemes
Of those who mock Your Name and ridicule Your children.
In Your mercy and benevolence, You gave us another chance
To change our wicked ways, which have dishonored You.
Thank You for Your kindness and for Your mercy to us,
Which we do not deserve, but which You have graciously granted.
Knowing that restitution of all that is good was within our grasp,
We, Your children, are overjoyed with being given another chance.
Lead us, Father, in a way that is pleasing to You.
Let America once again be known as the home of the brave
And the land of the free—a nation that seeks Your will.
We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior,
Jack Watts

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