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O God, our loving Heavenly Father,
We thank You for Your surpassing love, care and compassion for us.
We have been afflicted in many ways, but we have not been crushed.
We have been perplexed, but we are not despairing.
We have been persecuted, but we have never been forsaken by You.
We are constantly faced with difficulties and challenges for Christ’s sake.
Because this is who we are called, we refuse to lose heart.
Despite everything that has happened in these challenging times, our inner man is being renewed day
by day.
For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory that is far beyond any comparable thing.
We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are unseen.
For the things which are seen are temporary are not that important,
But the things that are unseen—the things that are eternal—are profoundly important.
We know this and thank You in advance that You will provide us with everything we need to weather the storm that surrounds us.
Jack Watts

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Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

COMMON SENSE: My gift is teaching and delivering the truth in a reasonable, unoffensive way. Generally, I do this, but I failed yesterday, offending many. That was not my goal.
So, let me take this opportunity to clarify what I believe to be true. Since Mankind is made in the image of God, human beings are unique, but we are also fallen. Animals are not part of the fall. Being fallen, we need a Savior, which Almighty God provided with His Son. Christ did not shed His blood for animals; He shed His blood for you and me.
We cannot add to what He did or subtract from what He did. We do not have that authority. To be useful to the Lord, we must worship God in truth. The more accurate our beliefs are, the more useful we will become. Contrary, when we believe inaccurate things about God, being deceived, we become less useful to Him.
Now, concerning whether or not pets have eternal life, let’s turn to Job 1. Before his troubles, Job had “Seven sons and three daughters.” Additionally, his possessions were “7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys” (Job 1:3, NAS).
After all of his troubles, when he finally took his eyes off of himself and prayed for his friends, God restored double what Job originally had. Thus, “the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning; and he had 14,000 sheep and 6,000 camels and 1,000 yoke of oxen and 1,000 female donkeys.” (Job 42:12, NAS).
Now, the key is the next verse. Job also had another “seven sons and three daughters,” but that’s not double, is it? Did God lie about this? Obviously not, so what is the answer?
The answer is that God did double Job’s sons and daughters because Job did not lose the original seven that perished in Job 1. Having immortal souls, their deaths were not eternal deaths. They continued to exist, but the animals did not. So, Job had fourteen sons and six daughters in eternity. Not having eternal souls, the animals only existed for a time.
Fast forward to today. We live in a society where many people love their pets more than they love other human beings, often for good reason, but this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. Humans are eternal. Animals, as clearly demonstrated by the example in Job, are not. To believe differently is to entertain a false belief, and we are commanded to never do this.
I’m sure that this will sting many and infuriate others, but know this: To be useful to the Master in a time where he needs us to be faithful, requires the renewing of your mind “so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2b, NAS).
Jack Watts

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HI, MY NAME IS JACK: When I was a little boy, on Palm Sunday we would go to mass, where they would hand out small dried palm leaves for us. My brother and I would take them home and shake them for a while but, because they were blessed by the priest, we couldn’t throw them away. This was my entire remembrance about the importance of the day.
When I became an adult and invited Christ into my life, I learned just how important this day actually was. Its significance began with the angel explaining to Daniel that Messiah would be cut off at the end of 483 years. This was after the Babylonian captivity. The fulfillment of the prophetic date began when King Artaxerxes authorized Nehemiah to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem.
King Artaxerxes’ action is the key to why Palm Sunday is so important. For Christ to be the Messiah, he had to enter Jerusalem as King riding an ass on the exact day that it happened. If it had been on any other day than it was, He could not have been the Messiah. He did it on the exact day 483 years after the prophetic calendar began.
When I learned this, including the numeration of exactly how it came about, it changed everything for me. Along with over 300 other fulfilled prophecies by Jesus, it meant that He was the only person on earth capable of being the Messiah.
This is the true importance of Palm Sunday—not waving around dried up palms. It’s also why each promise about the End Times is as sure as everything else Almighty God has revealed about Himself in the Scriptures.
Jack Watts

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MY PRAYER: Father,

My spirit has been rejuvenated.

Even my step feels lighter,

As the burdens from my past

Have been lifted from my shoulders.

Now free to walk into the future,

Unencumbered by guilt, shame, and remorse,

Which has produced self-defeating behavior,

I want my life to have more meaning

Than the mediocrity that has become my routine.

The pursuit of valueless materialism no longer

Has the appeal that it once had, which is freeing.

Even my definition of success has changed.

My spirit has been awakened, and I want

To spend each day, which You have numbered,

Doing what You would have me to do—

What You have prepared for me to do.


I’ve learned that I can more accurately

Understand Your leading by looking back,

Than I can by looking to the future.

Whatever You have in store for me,

Regardless of what that might be,

This is where I want to spend my days.

Having wandered so far from You in the past,

I know the mischief I am capable of inflicting,

But this is not what I want for my life.

Guard my heart, Father, so that

I will not wander from You again,

Pursuing fruitless, meaningless diversions.

Let my heart rejoice in Your ways.

Give me peace, purpose, and the resolve

To accomplish Your will each day,

For as many days as I have remaining,


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