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—I will walk with the Lord, bowing my knee to Him and to no one else.
—I will seek the Lord daily and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
—I will stand strong for the traditional American values of our forefathers.
—I will not submit to the intimidation of those who despise Christian values.
—I will be loving and kind to all, regardless of what differences we may have.

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First-Baptist-Church-Sutherland-Springs-TX-e1509913332415-810x710OUR GRACIOUS GOD AND LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER:
Today, we give praise and bless Your Holy Name.
Despite the evil intentions of the godless,
You have thwarted their will in favor of righteousness.
As Your faithful children, we willingly bow our knees
And thank You for exalting Israel and allowing
The Holy City to be recognized what it really is—
The ancestral Capitol of Your Chosen People.
As Christians, who desire nothing other than Your Will,
We see Your Hand moving throughout the world,
As the earth groans for Your redemptive promise.
But Father, there are so many who love the darkness
And loathe the light. Despite this, You are Almighty, and they are not.
Thank You for being faithful to Your promises.
We are grateful that You have allowed us to have
A small part in Your eternal purpose, and we bless
Your Holy Name for considering us worthy to stand
Solidly behind Israel, and behind Our President,
As he championed Israel before the world, with America
Proclaiming its unshakable support for our great ally.
Let those who despise Your Name chafe and gnash
Their teeth in open contempt. We do not care,
Nor will we be moved by their malice—not today,
Not tomorrow, and not ever. Instead, we choose to stand
With You. We also choose to remain true to our calling—
Not just today but tomorrow, and forevermore,
Jack Watts

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PRAYER: Lord, Guide My Steps




MY PRAYER: Father,

You are the Master Architect,

Engineering the events of my life,

Providing an opportunity for me

To rise to the occasion each day of my life.

At times, Your leading seems clear,

While at other times, it seems obscure,

Appearing to be so distant

That I cannot discover or discern it,

Regardless of how hard I try.

Even when Your presence eludes me,

I know that You are there.

You are always guiding me—

Always present, always vigilant.


As my life becomes increasingly visible

And people occasionally look to me for guidance,

Let my life speak of what You have done—

Not by my words, which seem so inadequate,

But by my actions, which are observable by all.

Oh, how I loathe the pompously religious—

Those who are condescending, arrogant, and unyielding.

May I never be like them—like those who talk about

Your love and guidance, while seeking an advantage.

Let my witness be evident by my actions,

And not by my mellifluous words,

Which can be self-serving and serpentine,


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Thanksgiving Prayer

As we celebrate this wonderful holiday,
With family and friends, eating and drinking
Far more than we should, let us take a moment
To acknowledge the true purpose for this holiday.
You, in Your grace and mercy, have been faithful
To us and have blessed us with bounty far beyond
Anything our original Forefathers considered possible.
For nearly four hundred years, Americans by the millions
Have enjoyed Thanksgiving, but multiplied millions
No longer understand the reason why. In the foolishness
Of their hearts, they have accepted Your bounty
Without thought or appreciation, somehow believing
There is no need to do so, but such ingratitude is wrong.
We do need to recognize You as the Author and Provider
Of the great abundance we enjoy. So, for the sake of others
And for ourselves, we, Your faithful remnant of believers,
Humbly and willingly bend our knees before You today
And acknowledge our gratitude to You for Your provision.
Thank You, Father God, for blessing our nation so greatly—
The United States of America,
Jack Watts

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7th Step Prayer

MY PRAYER: Father,
Now that I have opened myself up completely,
Being as honest and forthright as I know how to be,
I want to ask You, as humbly as I know how,
To change anything in me that You desire.
You are Almighty God; and I am not.
I am weary of trying to walk a path
That has not been ordained by You.
As I continue to purge my soul
Of all the toxic emotions that remain,
I know I need to go one step further.
I need to forgive those who have hurt me,
Absolving them completely from all culpability.
I have nursed my anger and bitterness
For far too long, and I have paid
A heavy emotional price for doing so.
I believed I was punishing them
With my militant refusal to forgive,
But I have been punishing myself instead.
I don’t want to live like this any longer,
Having to pay a huge price for remaining callous.
I forgive them—just as You have forgiven me.
I release them completely—just as You have released me.
Give me the strength to put aside my resentful feelings,
Never picking up these debilitating emotions again.
Allow me to walk into the future completely free
From each of my debilitating and hurtful emotions
That has been so destructive and self-limiting,

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COMMON SENSE: I know a great deal about sexual abuse—far more than I ever thought I would. If it has not happened to you or to someone you love, it is very difficult to understand the dynamics of what happens to a person.
To begin with, it affects your whole life. You are never the same after it happens. It’s even worse if you are a child. The whole idea of, “that happened a long time ago, she should be over it by now,” is ridiculous. To someone who has not been impacted by it, this seems logical, but it isn’t. Sexual abuse is not just a violation of a person’s body, it is also a violation of that person’s soul. The victim’s ability to trust is ripped away from them, and it almost never returns—not completely.
The worldview of the victim changes; so does their self-worth. They experience shame at a level few can imagine, and as irrational as it may seem, they blame themselves for their attack. This is why they remain quiet for so long. They prefer to internalize their hell, rather than risk the censure of people who are more than happy to heap castigation on them.
There are other aspects to it. Victims take on a wariness that others do not. Instinctively, like a canine, they develop an internal antennae that tells them who are predators and who they are not. Most victims learn to trust their instincts, never doubting how they view potential predators.
Victims can forgive, and they can experience significant healing, but there is a part of them that will always remain broken. That’s just the way it is.
Jack Watts

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MY PRAYER: Father,

When You want my attention,

You know how to get it.

There are times when I feel

Like You aren’t really there,

Like You don’t really care,

Like my life has little meaning, purpose, or value.

Then, through my circumstances,

You shake me to the core, and I am undone.

This is when You begin Your relentless pruning.

At first, I don’t recognize what is happening,

And I cry out, ”Why me, Lord?”

I don’t like what is happening—not one bit,

So I resist Your efforts to make me

Into the person You intend for me to be.


I want to be Your favored child,

Strong, resourceful, and victorious,

But I want it to come easily, with little effort.

This never happens, of course, not for me anyway.

So, I chafe when You prune my immature ways,

Being precise in Your determined efforts

To change me from the inside out.


When I recognize what is occurring,

I bow me knee and acknowledge,

That Your hand has been hard on me,

But Your purpose has never wavered.

When You have finished, You seem pleased

With what You have pruned, knowing that

I will become stronger, more fruitful person

From each of Your efforts,


Jack’s Prayers

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