PRAYER: Stand Strong in 2019

Our Gracious god and Loving Heavenly Father,
You are light and in You there is no hint of darkness.
We know this and accept this truth in our hearts and souls.
As Your obedient children, we are grateful to serve
A God who wants His children to walk in the light.
Father, to be honest, for most of my journey with You,
For nearly all of the time I have sought your will for my life,
My focus has been primarily on my personal conduct and not
On the clarity of my thinking or the accuracy of my worldview.
Father, I now recognize this has been a significant mistake.
Please open my heart and my mind to Your Holy Spirit.
Allow me to take a good, hard, and honest assessment
Of what I have considered to be true, but could be deep-seated
Deception, leading me away from Your will for my life.
I want to know and to follow Your ways and Your precepts.
Search me to see if there are any strongholds of darkness
Or false beliefs that prevent me from discerning Your will.
If such areas exist, direct Your Holy Spirit to reveal them to me,
Because I do not want anything to prevent me from being
The person You have created me to be. I ask this in Christ’s name,
—Jack Watts

MY PRAYER: Father,
I’ve wanted relationships and possessions
That You have not intended for me to have.
I have wanted them so badly that
I’ve come before You repeatedly—
Pleading, begging, whining, and carping—
Beseeching You to grant my desires.
But all You have done is say, “No.”
Refusing to accept Your answer as final,
I have continued my relentless badgering,
Insisting that You make my will be Your own.
In my willfulness and stubbornness, I maintained
That right was wrong, and wrong was right,
While deceiving myself into actually believing
My purposes were noble, honorable, and altruistic.
In my foolishness, I have done my best
To convince myself that my way has been righteous,
But You remained unmoved, refusing to acquiesce.
Still unwilling to accept Your will over my own,
I manipulated events until frustration
And exhaustion finally overwhelmed me,
But You never budged or wavered in Your decision.
Now, at the end of all my peevish fretting,
I bow my knee and accept Your decision.
“No” it is, and “No” it shall be forevermore.
There are still parts of me that regret this,
But You are Almighty God, and I am not.
Now that I have resubmitted myself
To Your leadership, rather than to my own,
I have begun to view my situation differently.
No longer reluctant to be submissive, I acknowledge
That Your way is superior to my own,
Which I should have done from the beginning,
Jack’s Prayers: mcgeeandme.net/books

MY PRAYER: Father,
I feel like a wounded gazelle,
Unable to fend for myself,
As hungry beasts surround me.
My demise seems certain,
And there is no place to hide.
My friends, those who call upon Your name,
Are nowhere to be found—
Just when I need them the most.
My love has abandoned me for another,
Never looking back—not even a glance.
I am undone and badly crushed,
And those who seek what little is left,
Fight over the scraps of my being—
Over the pieces of my shattered life.
How long will You leave me exposed—
Vulnerable to ravenous predators—
To those who seek to destroy me?
Tell me, Lord, when will it be enough?
When will You protect Your wounded child?
When will You move Your mighty hand to help?
If You do not rescue me soon, there may be nothing left.
My head, which was once proud, now hangs in despair,
And my countenance is greatly diminished.
Terrifying apprehensions have overwhelmed me,
And dread of the future has become my portion in life.
I fear that my adversaries will have victory over me.
Father, provide me with a way through this thorny maze,
To a place that is safe and secure—
Free from turmoil, free from pain,
Free from heartache, and free from despair,
Jack Watts
JACK’S PRAYERS: mcgeeandme.net/books/

The High Price of Deception

COMMON SENSE: Remaining strong and steadfast in perilous times like these can be very difficult. The Spirit of Deception is powerful in America, but so is the Spirit of Truth that is within us. In fact, God promises us that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”
Most of us want to be liked and to avoid unnecessary conflict, but demurring or remaining silent comes at a high price. By not standing for the truth, as we are commanded to do, we allow deception to be normalized so that it eventually becomes the truth.
What I have just stated is not etherial; it’s real, and it impacts us daily. Take the Progressive doctrine of Gender Fluidity for example. They have not only normalized the idea that you can become the sex that you identify with, but they have also militantly championed this nonsense, affirming it as absolute truth. To believe otherwise, as I have just stated, has become a hate crime.
This is how the Spirit of Error operates in our society today. Because they own the truth, and we do not, according to them, to maintain that there is no way to change one’s DNA markers is the statement of someone who is ignorant. People like me who maintain that men are men and women are women, regardless of how they feel about it, are worthy to be mocked, castigated, and shunned. In America, if you state the truth, it comes at a high price.
This is a perfect example of how powerful the Spirit of Deception has become, but it’s just one example. There are hundreds. To remain true to “He who is in us” is becoming increasing difficult, as this Spirit of Deception infects millions in America.
Jack Watts

Unlike most, I know I have it all together.
I am a person of substance and value.
People listen when I speak,
As words of wisdom roll mellifluously
From the essence of my being.
My life is an example for others to emulate.
At least, this was what I have considered to be true.
This is when You came and shook my foundation,
Which was not built upon anything meaningful.
Knowing my vulnerabilities and insecurities,
You rocked my world like nobody else could.
In an instant—in a flash, I was undone,
Realizing I was not the person I thought I was.
I was not the man I claimed to be.
When You revealed me to myself,
I stood naked—laid bare before Your eyes,
Unable to hide my frailties from Your scrutiny,
From the truth of who I really was.
Broken, embarrassed, and unnerved,
I recoiled, consumed with shame.
Those who claimed their loyalty abandoned me,
While my enemies delighted at my misfortune.
In an instant, Your blessings—the outward manifestation
Of all that I thought had value—vanished before my eyes.
No longer confident, I became fearful and apprehensive.
Recognizing the weakness in my foundation,
You have shaken me, revealing me to myself,
And I am lost, completely undone.
Father, when will this nightmare end? When will it be enough?
When will Your heavy hand of discipline subside,
Restoring me to a life of peace, purpose, and tranquility?
Will Your pruning cease, or will it last for a lifetime?
Only You know; only You have the answers.
Be merciful to me, Lord, for I have learned my lesson.
O, how I regret my arrogant, self-serving ways,
Which I was too foolish and arrogant to acknowledge.
I beseech You, Father, hasten the day of my restoration,
Lest my sorrows overwhelm me and leave me without hope,
Jack Watts

I AM NOT ASHAMED—Excerpt: From the Progressive viewpoint, this is the twenty-first century. America has evolved far beyond the foolishness of believing in inalienable rights. At least, this is true for all intelligent Americans, which they are, but we are not. Those who continue to believe in fanciful notions like inalienable rights are fools “who cling to their guns and their Bibles.”
Ignorant by nature, buffoons like us are dupes, living in a fool’s world bolstered by our romanticized version of the past. America’s future does not belong to us. It belongs to the enlightened Progressives. According to them, to believe in inalienable rights, because God is the One who “bestowed” these rights upon Americans, one would actually have to believe in the existence of God. Not only would one have to believe that God is real, but one would also have to believe that He is active in the affairs of our nation, which He absolutely is not. Such mystical notions are little more than superstitious drivel. It’s the opiate of the people, according to the enlightened Progressives of the media, academia, and Hollywood elites.
To patriotic Christians like us, God’s active involvement in our lives makes perfect sense, but to a Progressive, such thinking is nonsensical and somewhat delusional. To make matters worse, Progressives consider our mindset to be dangerous to our democracy. To them, our Christian worldview is the enemy of progress and of fundamental human fairness.
Progressives think they deal with facts, not irrational mythology, which is what they consider our biblical worldview to be. Because they deal with the real world, which is not mystical, only they are capable of possessing the truth and seeing the world clearly. We are not. Because they view reality accurately, through their Progressive perspective, they are wise. Our worldview, by way of contrast, is fundamentally flawed, making us fools for adhering to it.
—Jack Watts

PRAYER for a Broken Heart

MY PRAYER: Father,
In my pain and anguish,
When my heart was broken,
And I thought darkness would overwhelm me,
I felt lost and all alone, but I wasn’t.
Despite how I felt, You were there with me,
Diligently working in my heart—
Stripping me of all of my pretense,
Stripping me of all of my arrogance,
Stripping me of all of my self-serving ways—
Each of which has made my life a wasteland.
Although I am Your child, I had no awareness
Of the direction You intended for me to follow.
My only concern has been obtaining relief from pain,
But Your goals have been consistently greater than mine.
I thought my anguish would never end—
That I would never smile at the future—
But I was wrong about that, as well.
I expressed the self-serving desires of my heart
And asked You repeatedly to grant them,
But You never would, which grieved me deeply.
What I have gained through my loss, though,
Has had more value than I could have imagined.
Out of the abyss, You have raised me up.
You have placed my feet on solid, immovable rock.
You have strengthened me with power
In the inner man—at the core of my being.
No longer fearful or timid, I am resolute and confident.
Instead of being apprehensive, I remain calm and sane.
It is all because You have changed my heart—
Transforming my perspective about what has value.
Without Your loving, consistent care,
I would never have learned my lessons
And would have been destined to repeat my mistakes
Over and over again, like an unreasoning animal,
Rather than like a man—the child of a King.
Refusing to allow my life to be destroyed by dissipation,
You reached into the pit—into the quagmire—
Into the emotional carnage of my dysfunction
And redeemed me, providing me with a future
That is filled with hope and purpose,
—Jack Watts