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When I look around and witness

How much our great nation has changed,

A sense of despair and foreboding comes upon me.

I am afraid of what the future holds for those

Who will be tasked with restoring order from the mess

My generation of Americans has created for them.

Even more troubling is what I discern among the youth.

They lack resilience and have no intention to striving for rewards.

Instead, they want everything to come easily, as if they are entitled

To wealth and a life of abundance with little to no effort.

They seem lazy and self-serving, lacking erudition and purpose.

They lack the mettle and the fortitude to face what awaits them.

Choosing to embrace comfort and folly over fortitude and resilience,

A new generation of Americans has emerged—one that is

A shadow of our determined forefathers who were responsible

For creating the land of milk and honey out of a barren wilderness.

Witnessing how badly we have atrophied, I wonder if we have

Ceased to be the land of the free and home of the brave?

Worst of all, our children do not know who You are, Father—not really.

Foolishly, they have chosen to embrace lies, championing deceit as the truth.

They are convinced they can define You, choosing to believe what they desire,

Rather than accepting who You have declared Yourself to be in Your word.

They have no foundation to face uncertainty, or the reversal of fortune

That seems certain to destroy our nation’s righteous liberties.

Without Your active intervention, through the stirring the people’s hearts,

Our future is destined to be short and bleak, ending in servitude.

Father, raise up men and women of honor and integrity by the scores,

As You have done in generations past, to help us reclaim our heritage.

Expose the corruption, fraud, and deceit in those who champion

False gods, false ways, and policies that have led us to perilous times.

You are Almighty—You and You alone. Only You can restore us to be

What You brought us to this land to be—a city on a hill for the world to emulate.

Jack Watts

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We Americans have come to expect Your blessing,

As if it is our right and destiny to do so,

Forgetting we have a responsibility

To seek justice and to honor Your ways.

Now that the hour of our nation’s decline is upon us,

The fools who govern us have not turned their eyes to You,

To seek Your will, Your wisdom, or Your leadership,

Choosing instead to follow the false god of Progressivism.

In the folly of their arrogance, they mock You, Your Word,

And the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who wisely

Bowed their knees and repeatedly sought Your Face.

This false way has become so dominant and so powerful

Few are willing to oppose the godless of Political Correctness,

Choosing instead to “play it safe” by remaining silent.

To openly criticize the Son of Arrogance invites the wrath

Of the federal bureaucracy to levy its full weight

Of intimidation, harassment, and economic persecution.

To trust in You and Your Word makes us targets of those

Who hate You, Lord—of those who mock You repeatedly.

I loathe the Son of Arrogance and those who defend his ways.

Labeling right wrong and wrong right, they lead us

In a way that is unjust, wrong, and economically unsustainable.

Giving lip service to Your Chosen People, they arm our enemies,

Hiding their crimes from us, telling us our apprehensions are “phony.”

Our concerns are not phony. They are real, and they are valid.

But the truth will never be known without Your intervention, Lord.

For the sake of Your people, for those still follow

And honor Your ways, intervene quickly on our behalf.

The Sons of Perdition ruthlessly spy on the godly,

Believing this gives them an insurmountable advantage.

Not knowing You, they cannot comprehend this is not true.

You are Almighty, Lord. The Son of Arrogance is not.

Despite being empowered by the Price of Darkness,

The fool who leads us is a craven coward—a little man.

Lord, expose this narcissist for who he really is

And stir Your people so that the entire world will know that

You are Almighty God and no imposter can take Your place.

Jack Watts

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