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Shortly before the last presidential election, when Barrack Obama received the Democratic nomination, his wife Michelle stated that she was proud to be an American for the first time in her life. I remember saying to myself, I can’t believe we’re going to have a First Lady who is ashamed to be an American.

Recently, President Obama traveled to the Middle East and met with numerous Arab leaders. When he met the King of Saudi Arabia, our president bowed, which was clearly a submissive act. When Obama did this, like everybody else, I was surprised. Again, I said to myself, I never thought I would live to see the day when a President of the United States would bow to anybody—let alone a Muslim potentate.

I am no longer surprised by what our President does. The shock has worn off, and I have come to expect this type of behavior from the Obama’s—husband and wife. It’s who they are—plain and simple. Having sat at the feet of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who gave a lifetime achievement award to Louis Farrakhan—a radical Muslim extremist from Chicago—I believe that President Obama will favor Islam over Christianity because that is what he has been programmed to do. It fits into his theological heritage, which governs his thinking. Obama’s worldview is favorable to Black Liberation Theology.

He calls himself a Christian, but it’s not what you think of as Christian—not even close. He quit Wright’s church, but he can’t repudiate the belief system instilled in him for twenty years. It’s not possible to do so. It’s part of his soul. It’s who he is, and it’s the reason why he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. To Obama, it was the right thing to do. The spin-meisters tried to twist his behavior into something else, but they couldn’t. He did it. To most, it didn’t mean much, but it was very revealing.

It’s been a year since his nomination, and his true colors become clearer as each day passes. Because of what he believes at the core of his being, we should no longer be surprised by what he does. We should expect it. If you want a blueprint for the future, all you have to do is look at the past. He will be apologetic for America as long as he is in office; he will appoint judges that consistently side with the ACLU; he will favor the Arabs over the Jews; and he will rival Jimmy Carter in dismantling our military.

At the same time, he is still my President, and I will remain loyal to him—his loyal opposition.

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From Audacity of Hope: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” “Mohamed is my continuing source of inspiration.”


As I watch the news coverage of Barack Obama’s Middle East tour to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel, I’m amazed by what I see. Not only does the press fawn over him, but also it never gets to the heart of the issue—Barack’s worldview. Coming from a twenty-year experience of learning from the teachings of Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology, no one has asked hard questions about Obama’s core beliefs.

His campaign has positioned him as a champion of reconciliation, but his background—especially his association with Wright—would suggest otherwise. Black Liberation Theology has a decided anti-Semitic slant to it—one that Obama has embraced in his writings.

The foreign policy of the U.S.A. has Israel as a strategic partner. Not since the failed administration of Jimmy Carter has any president favored Arab nations over Israel. If Obama is our next president, which seems likely, our Middle Eastern policy may reverse, which certainly goes against the collective will of the American people and Israel’s as well.

More Tomorrow.

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Last week Michelle Obama appeared before the Democratic national Committee’s Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council Dinner and announced that Barack Obama favored the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and the defeat of the California constitutional Amendment aimed at restoring the definition of marriage in California as between one woman and one man–Townhall.com

In recovery, by necessity we must look at many things–some very difficult. At the same time, it’s always unwise to “throw out the baby with the bath.” The church, for instance, may be a place where we have suffered abuse, but it’s also an institution ordained by God. To discard or diminish its importance is something we can never do.

It’s the same with marriage. As many Christians divorce as non-Christians but, even in failure, it’s an institution created and blessed by God. To discard or circumvent marriage as a nation will take us out of the flow of God’s blessing, and it’s something Christians must never support.

That Barack Obama does reveals the unique twist of his worldview, which comes from Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology. It’s not mainstream; that’s for sure.

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Yesterday, at a rally, two Muslim women, who were sitting behind Barack Obama, were asked to move because they would be in plain view of the cameras that provide shots for the evening news. Hurt and offended, the woman complied and moved.

This, of course, made more news than if they had been allowed to stay. As I watched the morning news, each news person said that Obama was not a closet Muslim but a Christian, which his twenty-year membership at Trinity Church proved.

By saying this, the media, who knows no better, has imparted legitimacy upon Trinity, Jeremiah Wright, and Black Liberation Theology. Obama’s religious experience has become mainstream, or we’re supposed to accept that it’s mainstream.

Well, it isn’t–not even close. It’s more Marxist than Christian, and Obama has been infected with its poisonous worldview. He is not a Muslim, but his Christianity is skewed by twenty years of Jeremiah Wright’s twisted theology, which is an angry, racist distortion of the Truth.

To assume Obama can “bring us all together” is naive. It simply can’t happen–not based on his belief system. His supporters want it to happen, but it won’t because it’s not in him. His Christianity is not mainstream; it’s that simple.

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Like many if you, I have received numerous emails “proving” Barack Obama is really a Muslim with a hidden agenda. The clear implication is that he will betray our country if he is elected President of the United States.

These innuendos create fear in the hearts of those who read their emails, and they are forwarded to friends as “the truth about Barack Obama.” Perhaps he is, and I am really naïve; but I don’t think so.

His position about gay marriage in California is a case in point. If he were a Muslim, or a mainstream Christian, he would oppose gay marriage like a good Muslim or Christian. But he doesn’t. He’s for it, just like a good follower of Jeremiah Wright, who probably sees this as an issue of oppression rather than morality.

Obama’s belief system is shaped by Black Liberation Theology and not Islam. Although Wright’s version of Christianity holds militant Muslims like Louis Farrakhan in high regard, it is not one and the same.

If we elect Obama, his sympathies may favor Islam over Israel, but it’s simply unfair and inaccurate to say Obama is a closet Muslim. You can’t have it both ways. If Obama deserves criticism for his ties with Trinity Church, you can’t call him a Muslim as well. He can’t be both; they are mutually exclusive.

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Refer to STEP 4: I came to believe that God understood my wounded-ness, and He alone could heal me.

Now that Obama has resigned, we can move on and distance ourselves from Trinity Church, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, and all the unpleasantness surrounding this unfortunate episode. At least, that’s what the Obama campaign wants us to do.

At Pushing Jesus, we’re more interested in the Obama’s, as a family in crisis, than how they are politically postured.

Concerning this, let me be perfectly clear: The Obama’s are a family in emotional turmoil because of their resignation from the church. Each person is experiencing pain, whether acknowledged or not.

Although the church has a distorted gospel—Black Liberation Theology—and a perverted view of Christ, it was home for the Obama family. Without it, they are estranged and adrift, just like all of us were when we left unhealthy churches.

Their kids have lost their friends and, as parents, this has to hurt Barack and Michelle deeply. They seem devoted to their girls, and no matter how you slice it, their resignation has to be tough on the kids. Although it had to be done, the fallout has created internal emotional damage to each member of the family, and they will have to go through the 11 Steps of recovery for religious abuse. Without doing the work, they will never be completely free of Jeremiah Wright’s distorted worldview.

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Refer to STEP 5: I recognized that the only way back to a productive life is exactly the way I came. I had to repair my relationship with God and make amends with everyone I had wronged along the way.

After the political turmoil subsides from Barack and Michelle Obama’s resignation from Trinity United Church, there will be a huge price for them to pay emotionally. Essentially, they are now adrift without the spiritual anchor that has held them securely for twenty-two years—Jeremiah Wright.

That’s right, Jeremiah Wright and not Jesus Christ. Although the church is Christian in name, it follows a perverted gospel—Black Liberation Theology, as preached each week for decades by Wright. It certainly has Christian elements, but its central message is anything but mainline Christian.

According to Wright’s teaching, the lifelong Muslim, Louis Farrakhan, is a hero and deserves an achievement award. Opposing Israel in favor of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and other Muslim extremist groups—like Hammas—is also acceptable.

It’s also fine to be a black racist, according to Wright’s preaching, which is somehow different and less odious than white racism. Having been equally yoked with Wright, whose black racist rhetoric came from the pulpit consistently during his thirty-five-year tenure, Obama’s political team has positioned him as the “colorblind candidate.” Although this is a great political position to espouse, it seems particularly disingenuous. It’s political posturing, nothing else.

Let me tell you why I believe this is true. When Father Michael Pfleger spoke at Trinity recently, his criticism of Hilary Clinton as an “entitled white” woman drew rave reviews from the audience. They loved it and accepted it as the gospel truth. These people constitute Obama’s community of faith for the past twenty years—the people Obama has identified with his entire adult life. They hate white racism but warmly embrace black racism. Barack and Michelle Obama are not innocent here.

The Senator and his wife have supported Trinity with their allegiance, their money and—most importantly—with their two daughters. They brought their children to be indoctrinated with Wright’s Black liberation Theology repeatedly for years.

Would you do that? Would you allow your children to be taught racism as a tenet of their Christian faith?

I wouldn’t. My question is this: How has Barrack Obama, with this kind of background, become the colorblind candidate? I just don’t see it.


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