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British officials gave a survey to eighteen hundred Muslim students in the UK. They discovered one-out-of-three believed killing in the name of Islam was justified. It also came to light that 40 percent wanted Islamic Law imposes in the UK. Could you see Princess Diana in a berka? Those who took this survey were shocked by the results.

What is really shocking is not the results of the survey but the surprise of those who took it. The encroachment of Islam is a serious problem in the UK, and it’s even a bigger one in France. In our lifetime, we could see the Cathedral of Notre Dame become a mosque. The French haven’t taken seriously what’s been happening until quite recently, and now it may be too late. The roots of Islam run deep in France—all because nobody was paying attention. It’s happening in the UK as well, where the Brits have also been asleep at the wheel.

The United States is next and, if we’re not mindful, we’ll elect a President that will welcome Muslims with open arms. Barack Obama’s “Christianity,” which he learned at the feet of a militant proponent of Black Liberation Theology, favors Muslims over Jews. At the same time, Jewish voters, who traditionally vote for democratic candidates, foolishly support Obama’s candidacy.

Unless the Jewish community wakes up, which is doubtful, they will hand the presidency to Obama. In swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania, the Jewish vote may well be the deciding factor, and Obama can’t win unless he carries at least one of these states—maybe both of them.

Isn’t it ironic? The Jewish community, whose naïveté rivals that of the French and British, may sow the seeds of destruction for America, as well as Israel.

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