MY PRAYER: Father,

Thank You for revealing Your will to me.

Now, I understand what I need to do and why.

My spirit has been disquieted for days,

As I’ve wrestled with my decision to proceed.

Deciding to confront my problem has been grueling,

But I’m certain this is what You would have me do,

Despite my apprehensions and desire for approval.

By stepping out, when I would rather pretend

That the problem does not exist—that it isn’t real—

I will be burning a valued bridge,

Which I have desired to maintain at all costs.

But I cannot, nor can I continue to remain

Immobilized by the security of being self-deceived.


I know what I need to do, and I will do it.

But doing so is difficult for me, Father,

And I cannot pretend that it isn’t.

About many things I appear to be strong,

But not when it comes to confrontation,

Especially when it’s with someone I care about.

I’m not strong at all; I’m timid and hesitant.

My fear is that my insides will become weak and

My resolve will vanish, rendering me useless.

Help me to be bold, confident, and determined,

While refraining from saying hurtful things,

Which is within my power and nature to do.

Father, help me guard my tongue from malice,

While also being straightforward and candid,



Since I have posted about recovery issues each day for more than a decade, I thought it might help my fellow Americans, if I provided the embittered Left with the Steps necessary for them to walk away and never regret it. If worked, the 12 Steps below will help those who are emotionally wounded to become whole again. (Feel free to repost this.)


1. I admitted I was powerless over my political anger—that my life had become unmanageable because of it.
2. I came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore my out-of-control thoughts and behavior to sanity.
3. I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God.
4. Focusing on everything that made me so angry, I made a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself.
5. I admitted to God, to myself, and to another human being the exact nature of my wrongdoing, holding nothing back.
6. I became entirely ready to have God remove the defects of character that caused me to be so angry.
7. In humility, I asked God to remove each of my shortcomings.
8. I made a list of all the people my political anger harmed, including those on social media, and became willing to make amends to them all.
9. I made direct amends wherever possible, or through the social media when appropriate, except when to do so would injure them or others.
10. I continued to take personal inventory of my thoughts and behavior and, when I was wrong, I promptly admitted it.
11. I sought through prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God, knowing He is the source of my serenity. I made a commitment to pray daily for the knowledge of His will and asked God for the power to carry it out.
12. Having achieved a spiritual awakening as the result of working these Steps, I made a commitment to carry this message to others who are politically embittered.

Father in Heaven,
We have wandered so far from You,
From Your ways, from Your leading,
From Your desires, and from Your purpose.
At first, it didn’t seem like this was such a great distance,
But now that we look back, it has become clear
That our stubborn willfulness has led us
To a barren spiritual wilderness, where millions,
Repudiating Your Word, call right wrong and wrong right.
As a nation, in our arrogance and self-righteousness,
We still speak Your name, but it is without reverence.
We still want Your blessing, and confidently believe we have
A right to ask for it, but we do not look to You for Leadership,
Nor do we consider obeying Your will to be important.
We acknowledge this is the true report and confess our complicity
In being docile, apathetic, and complicit, as the forces of Darkness
Have usurped our traditions, our heritage, and our purpose,
Redefining history to justify their godless perspective.
We stand in the shadow of generations of Christian patriots—
Those who fought the good fight so that we would remain free
To worship You in peace and prosperity, free from impediment.
But now we face new obstacles. A new spirit has emerged,
One whose haughtiness and pride sneers at You in disdain,
As they mock Your name and Your people, calling us ignorant,
Uninformed, and dangerous to their secular globalist agenda.
As believers in You and Your willingness to restore America,
We ask that You hear our prayers, as we bow before You,
Repenting of our societal sins. We beseech You to heal our land.
We ask this, not because we are deserving,
But because of Your unending love, mercy and grace.,
Jack Watts

PRAYER: Independence Day

In days of old, when our nation was young,
Character mattered; it was esteemed above all else.
Back then, it was common for men and women
Of honor to risk their lives, their names, and everything
They held dear to do the right thing for the right reason.
They behaved selflessly so that we, their offspring,
Would continue to be a free people and a mighty nation.
Just thinking about the sacrifices if these great heroes
Makes our hearts swell with pride, respect and gratitude,
Especially knowing that their actions originated
From the conviction that they were doing Your will.
By challenging England, the superpower of their era—
And the reigning King of England—they were willing
To cast aside comfort and leisure to achieve noble ends.
Oh, how our hearts yearn to have their clarity of vision.
But that was then, and this is now. Times have changed,
And so has the high-mindedness of those who once
Nobly led us, rather than doing so for fame and sorted gain.
Instead of looking to You for leadership, as they should,
Many of our current leaders speak in high-minded platitudes,
But in the depths of their hearts, their natures are twisted,
Corrupt, crooked, perverted, and always self-serving.
With serpentine tongues, the Radical Left deceives
Americans by the millions, including some of Your children.
It is the Progressives’ desire to lead us further away from You,
Your will, and the righteous future You desire for our nation.
On this 4th of July, we, Your faithful remnant of believers,
Bow our knees before You in humility and in submission,
As we admit to You the exact nature of our waywardness.
In our arrogance, we have willfully abandoned Your ways.
We recognize and confess our wrongdoings to You today.
Our future is in Your hands, Father, not in our own.
Foolishly, in the haughtiness of our arrogant thinking,
We have come to believe that we could control our own
Destiny and are the Master’s of our fate, but this is nothing
More than an illusion—fanciful thinking that is not true.
As we celebrate our Independence, we need Your leadership
And Your guidance more than ever. Pour out Your Spirit
On our land, Lord. Bring revival and healing to our nation,
So that we can once again be known as a “City on a Hill,”
And a beacon of light for the entire world to see and emulate.
We ask this in the name of Our Savior, Jesus Christ,
Jack Watts

MY PRAYER: Father,
There was a path that looked so promising—
A road that seemed like it was Your way,
But it was not. It required far too much
Compromise to be something You would honor.
In the deepest recesses of my heart,
I knew this—despite each of my protestations.
Nevertheless, I followed this errant path,
Which I knew was the wrong way to travel,
Paying a terrible price for doing so.
Later, with no other acceptable recourse,
I came back to You, just as I have always done—
Sorrowful, humbled, and crushed—with hat in hand,
Ready and willing to accept necessary change.
This time, instead of medicating my pain with alcohol,
I endured the compulsory heartache for a period,
Which I thought was far too long, but You knew
Was exactly the amount of time required for my healing.
You promised that, if I would humble myself,
You would exalt me at the proper time.
I didn’t believe this was true—not literally,
Nor that You would actually do this—not for me.
But You have done as You promised, and I can clearly see
Your hand in the restoration of my life.
Now, I stand strong, far wiser, and far more resilient,
With a renewed countenance that is calm and serene.
Humbling myself because I had no alternative,
I never considered that—in Your wisdom—
You had orchestrated the circumstances of my life
In such a way that my only alternative was to look to You.
This wasn’t the road I would have chosen for myself,
But it’s the way You have chosen for me.
I wish I could say that I have learned each of my lessons,
But I know who I am. I know that in my heart—
I am prone to wander—prone to leave the God I love.
Father, take my heart—take and seal it—so that
I will never have to follow this fruitless path again,
Knowing that it leads to nowhere worthwhile,
Jack’s Prayers: mcgeeandme.net/books

MY PRAYER: Father,
I have wandered so far from You—
From Your ways, from Your leading,
From Your purpose, and from Your love.
At first, it didn’t seem like such a great distance,
But, over time, I have come to realize
My wanderings have been far greater
Than I could ever have imagined.
I know I need to return to You,
But now that I see how wide the gap has become,
The way back seems perilously long.
In my reaction to being wounded,
I have behaved in ways that have
Not only injured me but others as well.
I know this is true, and it grieves me.
I am so sorry for having been so hurtful,
Which I acknowledge I had no right to be.
I realize how wayward I have become.
As I begin my long journey back to wholeness,
I know I need to make amends to those
I have harmed along the way.
It never occurred to me that I might have
Treated others in the same way I have been mistreated.
Just thinking about my actions makes my heart ache.
Father, I am grieved because of my behavior.
Forgive me; restore my relationship to You.
Be with me as I reach out to those I have wounded.
Help me learn from my egregious errors, so that
I will never feel the desire to drift so far away again,
Jack Watts

Heavenly Father,
When I reflect upon my life from the days of my
Mischievous youth to those of my grandiose twenties,
I knew You were there for me and would never leave,
But in all honesty, life was all about me—my goals,
My ambitions, my desires, and my striving to achieve.
Although I knew You, and had already accepted Christ
To be my Lord and Savior, it was still all about me
And my perpetual desire to become great for You.
Then, as so often is the case, all of my pretentiousness
And flamboyant thoughts of what I was going to do for You
Were dashed upon the rocks of life’s relentless challenges.
Instead of being a strong, bold, courageous, and immovable force,
I became timid, hesitant, and demurring—almost as if my faith
Could only be expressed in safe places and with safe people.
I would love to say this hasn’t been the true report about me,
But in the deepest recesses of my heart, I know that it is.
I need to tell You that it is and confess my timidity openly
And honestly. I also need to acknowledge that this is not
Who I want to be, or who I intend to be, from this day forward.
Instead, I want to fervently assert that I Am Not Ashamed
Of You, of Your Son, of Your Word, or of the Gospel that has
The power to penetrate the darkness and transform it into light.
I Am Not Ashamed to be the person You have called me to be,
And I Am Not Ashamed to stand strong for You, for my family,
Or for our mighty nation, the United States of America. Father,
For as many of my numbered days as there are left to be lived,
I intend to use each of them to be the salt that is required to counter
Our depraved, corrupt, and decadent society, as each of us
Relentlessly, vigorously, and consistently transforms our
Beloved nation into the “city on a hill” You desire it to be.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is necessary
To strengthen, sustain, and lead me, this is my commitment to You,
—Jack Watts